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The Blogging Mantra: Who are we?

Actually its just me and only me, Myself Yashwant Gehlot, I am a blogger for one year and I have a pretty decent amount of experience with me so that is can share what I had done to become what I am now and what things I had done differently than others and a bit out of the blue techniques, to rank my website higher on the google search page.

I basically reside at Pune which is also my birthplace but my family is from Rajasthan and me am fully educated here I completed my 12th in 2016 and now heading towards the second year at Sinhgad University, Pune  I was pretty poor in studies, No one believes me now when I tell them now that I had just 50% in my 12th ISC board but now the times had changed and I had 88% in the first year of my college in BCA its pretty easy and with now efforts I had gained these heights, just because I had all these subjects in my eight standard !!  Pretty awesome right!

So, shifting from myself to my blogging career i started my blog when I was in twelfth and it was like I had no choice to go with blogger because some financial problems as 12th is like coachings and all so I started with Blogger as you might be thinking and the same had happened it was just like ten to fifteen visitors a day and I was like nothing will happen like this i need to have something or the other because I just had my passion going in the tech field and was a techie since teenage and also had interested in all electronics and also how the digital devices work and that way I switched to Youtube the channel I made god about 150 (approx.) subscribers in about a month but out of the blue, one mail and it was like “Your youtube account is suspended”,  again frustrated, appealed but nothing happened, then ………………… I’ll give more of my tour in a couple of days.

Thank you, you made till here